The very first post, reasons behind this

Hi nice to meet you!

I’m very glad that you can find this post. This is my first post so it should be really hard to find. And in this one, I would like to talk about why I want to start this blog.

The very first reason is I want to record my development, the changing of my life and my thoughts. You may ask, then is this like your diary? Well, kind of, especially for the purpose of recording the life and thoughts. I think it might be an interesting(hopefully not embarrassing) thing to read 5 or 10 years later.

Another reason is for accepting myself. And I think that is the difference between a diary and this blog. For me diary can be a very very personal and private thing. I may not want others to read that. But this one obviously, anyone can read it and comment on it or even criticize it. My thoughts may not be correct, my understanding may be kind of naive, but they are parts of me. I want to accept them by writing them down and sharing with others.

Sharing my thoughts and understanding is another reason why I start this. As a person lived in China for over 20 years and start my life in the US, I know that the many people want to know China but there is a “great wall”. If I can be a bridge across the China and the rest of the world, that will be a great thing in my life.

Besides, I think it may be a good chance to present myself in another way to whom may be interested in me. This should be a very good platform to show different perspectives of me.

Oh and I want to practice my writing skills as well;).

OK…one…two…three…four, it’s enough. Adding more will be too much for both you and me. Let’s finish it here.

The next one should be about some of my experience in undergraduate research plus my understandings about it. Hopefully I can post it during this Christmas. Oh taking this chance, how about talking about the undergraduate research in Chinese universities? It’s gonna be in a personal(and student) perspective and should be kind of limited since I only studied in one university and my friends are not in everywhere. But we’ll see.

And have a nice day!

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